Opening Ceremony

Part 2 Siblings

“So your name Spencer right?” One of the other students asked him.

“Yeah it is, and by the way, why are you guys still following me?” He asked turning to the group of students that were following him since the bellum deo incident.

“We don’t know where to go and you seem to know where you’re going, plus your strong.” One of them answered as they stopped to look at him.

“Ok whatever.” He said as they all walked towards the towers, a little weirded out by him leading them. Still walking he noticed a couple of dark shadows wisps around the forest. Stopping he noticed someone walk out of the forest taking their time as they stepped into the plain. As they walked closer to them he noticed it was a beautiful girl about the same age as him, she had long blonde hair and walked almost majestically towards them. Then in a flash several purple lumpy humanoid creatures jump at her. Still not making much effort they got closer and closer almost within arm’s length. Then with a wave of her hand a few flashes of light shout out from behind her. And within seconds they all laid dead on the floor. Confused Spencer still only saw her walking toward them when she finally got to them she stopped and said.

“Yo I’m Samantha Tranquillus, but most people just call me Sammy, and you’re in my way so watch it.” Taking her remark as a challenge Spencer stood in front of her waiting for her next move.

“Well if I’m in your way why don’t you just go around me.” He said staring her in the eyes, after a few sec he began to find it hard for him to maintain eye contact. Then when she finally moved she waved her hand similarly to before. Suddenly two lasers came flying at Spencer. Stepping back, he evaded one then pulled out his staff and blocked the others. “What’s your deal?!” He shouted as he stood there ready for another attack.

“I said you were in my way didn’t I.” Samantha replied with a subtle hand gesture. Seeing 2 floating doglike mech, he jumped back as more lasers came flying at him for them.  Deflecting most the blocking the rest little by little he began to notice he was being pushed back. Not liking his position, he took a deep breath then clasped his hands together activating his monkey spirit ability, making three light clones of himself that all rushed her. Samantha look at them with a smile then walked toward them. As the first one got within reach she spurn as it launched a staff jab at her, evading it with the spin then kicking it to breaking it into pieces. Then the other two attacked her one aiming high the other aiming low. Still not showing effort she back flipped evading both attacks. She then followed up with a few punches to its face and chest destroying it. Soon after third clone jabbed at her with its staff, catching it she then jumped into the air and with a smooth acrobatic motion dropped her heel into its forehead destroying the last one. Just as she was about to land Spencer himself came in from behind her taking her by surprise. Separating his staff into his two nunchucks he unleashed a barrage of attack both from the nunchucks at her taking the upper hand. Looking on from the side-line the other students just stood there in awe as they saw the clash of what looked like two elite fighter. But what no one noticed was that there was another student who simply walked into the crowd admiring the fight. He seemed quite and was aware of the sway of the fight. Samantha blocked most of his attacks also throwing in some attacks of her own that Spencer blocked as well. Then a deafening roar split the sky, backing away from each other and leaving their battle they both turned to the direction of the sound. They stood there staring for a couple of seconds when a gargantuan moving tree burst through the forest tree line. 7 other students came through with it and they seem to all be fighting it. Just then Santus landed next them then called out.

“Zac, Alicia now!” He shouted as two more students landed next to him. “Ready?” He asked and with a simple nod as their response. “Burning our souls like the bark of the great oak” Santus said an incantation as they pulled back on their bow, Santus then formed a huge glyph above their heads and layered it with more from what I looked glyphs like to Spencer. Other notes and symbol also appeared around them. “Let our hearts provide the embers for the flame that is eternal” continued the incantation as they Launched their shots into the air their two arrows both flew into the sky through the glyphs and merging together as into an orb of flame.

“Chase, Scott, Cody let’s take down the vies so it can’t cover itself.” Levi called out as they all started hacking down the vines and roots as the Orcwort tried to cover itself.

“Cody Spiral Hunt lets go.” Santus said though their mental link to Cody. Creating another glyph in the form of a platform in the air as Cody ran back for the or what to him. Jumping he landed in the middle of the glyph. The Santus used the rest of his mana to create a bow to connect to the platform he made. As Cody stood there it began to spiralling backwards readying the mana bow Santus made. Then the orb Zac, Alicia and Santus made exploded into hail shower of fiery arrows over head raining down on the Orcwort. Chase, Scott and Levi all jumped back after they cut away most of it vines and roots so the Orcwort couldn’t covered itself from the arrows. As the arrows fell they exploded destroying most the Orcwort and setting it on fire, letting out a loud shriek. “You Ready Cody?” Santus asked Turning to look at him as he got ready to launch him.

“I’m always ready.  Think you can make the shot?” He returned turning to face him in response. With only a smile they both turned back to the Orcwort as it was being burnt by the hail of fiery arrows. Waiting for the right moment Santus steadied his aim and then launched him. Cody went spinning through the air like a drill and with a howl he channelled his wolf spirit changed in a tornado of mystic blades shaped liked wolves aimed at the Orcwort. At the point of his collision with what remained of the still living Orcwort an explosion of his mystic blades shredded it Leaving only chopped wood and dust floating in the air.

Battered, bruised and covered in cuts they all stood there watching, waiting for the dust to settle to see if they had finally beaten it. A few seconds later they saw Cody standing on a pile of shredded vines and branches and what look like the remains of the Orcwort. Raising his sword into the air and cheeriness. Then Scott exclaimed “YEAH THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!” Excited the all ran towards him shouting for joy, stepping down Cody was lifted up by Scott and then Santus was lifted but Levi and Zac as they celebrated their victory. However, it’s was short lived the rumbling of earth broke their celebration as the Orcwort busted out of the ground with a loud roar, and it attacked, vines, branches, roots and whatever wortlings were left came at them all at once. To worn-out to fight back they all stood there watching summoning all his strength left Santus created a shield with his glyph magic stopping it assault momentarily. Fighting to hold everything back a swift blur raced up the middle of them destroying the vines on the opposite side of the shield.

“Well someone has been practicing.” The voice of someone familiar to Santus said as he stood in front of him as he was let down by the others. “Long time no see little brother.” He said turning to face him. As he turned Santus recognised the same voice that shouted at him to move when the Orcwort first attacked.

“Of all the times to show up, you choose now.” Santus replied completely worth.

“Hey Santus do you know this guy.” Levi asked as he walked up to him. Smile faintly the man said.

“What’s the matter I come all this way to see you and this is how you treat me… Well I guess that to be expected… But let’s not get into that.” He said smirking as vines from the Orcwort attacked again. “You know, somehow I completely forgot about you.” He said turning to look at it. “Apo if you would.” He said with a few seconds passing and a large blast of fire shot down from the sky. Creating a huge explosion destroying the remains of the Orcwort and taking a good chunk of the forest with it. It also sent Santus and the rest of them flying in the opposite direction, skipping across the floor. Still standing where he was a mature adult red dragon landed behind him. Just then Santus stood to his feet a little shaken but he readied his rapier for a fight.

“Dude are you out of your mind?” Chase said as he saw him get ready to fight with the mysterious man.

“That guy is a dragon rider, and he has a freaking adult dragon behind him.” Scott said trying echo reason into his head, but Santus remained ready. He took deep breaths as they tried to regain as much energy as possible. Using mana absorbing techniques he learned from his magic teacher.

“Hey wait If he’s an enemy we should run, and we should run fast. There no way we can beat that, even at our peaks.” Levi then said to him still trying to talk him out of it.

“Trust me… I know… but I’m the only capable of holding him off long enough for you guys to get away.” Santus returned still focused on the man who stood in front of them. “While I’m fighting you take that opportunity to run.” Taking a deep breath, he dashed at him battered and but he seemed refreshed, preparing everything he had for this assault. Right as he got close, he and his brothers swords clashed locking in position. They both stared deeply into the other eyes as if they could determine the outcome of the battle then a glow from their eye caused them to separate. Dust began to kick up as they both moved like lightning. Slash, block, stab, evade, slash, parry, return repeat they moved like masters.

“You fight well with that weapon, despite knowing how much you hate them.” His brother said. Separating Santus sheathed his rapier then materialize two blade of with his magic. Then he wounds began to heal after healing Santus looked up and said.

“Well let’s start getting serious.” after about a seconds pause the began fighting again. Moving faster than before the seemed like blurs and flickers as the weapons classed. Slash, dodge, trust, deflect, slash, block. Lock again Santus had a blade to his neck while blocking his brother’s blade.

“As expected of the Blacksmith of Sanctu…”

“Heat…” Santus interrupted. “and meld and shape and press and forge, awaken he who crafted creation and dwell within.” As his enchantation was complete, mana enveloped his body and then exploded pushing his brother back. Santus clothing changed and his hair turned white and he eyes turquoise he stood there empty handed. Then disappeared, suddenly re-appearing behind his brother. His brother was shocked as he turned to find Santus was behind him. Santus then swung his hand as if he was holding dual blades cutting his brother abdomen. Then a barrage of attacks each using a different style of weapon completely gave Santus the edge. The fight turned in Santus’ favour then his brother’s dragon impaled them both with his claw. Santus gathered his strength to cut both his brothers arms off, but as his hands was raised they were impaled.  Removing its claw both of them fell to the floor. Santus returned to his previous state before the incantation falling to his knees and coughing blood. Standing to his feet he noticed his brother’s wounds were visibly healing. As his final move Santus got in close and channelling all his strength into a single attack he turned his rapier blade into an ice spear to fast for both his brother and the dragon to dodge, piercing his lung and his dragon left front leg before falling to the floor void of energy. Coughing blood he broke the ice spear and removed it letting them fall to the floor. Walking to his dragon everyone stood on about to move as they watch Santus fall to his brother. They all began to run as Santus had instructed but couldn’t bring themselves to leave he behind. So they returned and remained hidden hoping the perform a successful sneak attack to give Santus the upper hand. When he made it to his dragon he grabbed two swords and then walked back to Santus’ exhausted body and then dropped the swords in front of him and raised his long sword and said.

“It’s been real, and it been fun catching up, and if it wasn’t for Flame you might have really killed me… But alas this is the end.” As he swung his sword to finish him off both Cody and Spencer dashed from cover and managed to make in time to block his sword. Zac fired a barrage of arrows forcing him to move back. A second barrage from Alicia pushed him back even further. Then a few lesser from Samantha dealt some damage while Levi took Santus’ out of the way along with the swords. “Well I was wondering If I would have to kill all of you as well… and yep looks like I do.” He said to them amused. As they stood there ready for a fight.

“Well… Then it’s a good thing we got here then isn’t it.” A voice sudden came from behind Spencer

“Yes it is, it would be bad if they all died right now.” Another voice came from behind Santus’s brother.

“Especially after such a splendid performance.” A beautiful blonde female florian said from behind Cody. Looking around they saw a brown haired florian standing behind Spencer and a pure white bellum deos stood behind Santus’ brother.

“Liz take care of the kids please?” The white Bellum deos asked the female Florian.

“Ok but White be careful ok.” She replied in a caring voice.

“I will.” He replied in a similar manner. Stepping closer to them she placed her staff on the ground and she simply stood there white light appear around them.

“Sorry missy, I can’t let you do that.” Santus’ brother said rushing past them to attack her but White grabbed him by the collar and sent him flying in the opposition direction.

“Arannis send  Liz and these guys to the others. Then Liz put them to sleep so we can deal with this quickly.”

“Will do.” Arranis said vanishing then reappearing next to Spencer, Cody and Liz, touching them on the shoulder they then appeared next to Levi, Zac and the others. Feeling extremely tired Santus couldn’t help but close his eyes as a bright white light flashed putting the all to sleep.

“Listen up everyone you’re old enough to understand this… So it’s time you knew.” the echo of that man’s voice began to ring in Santus’ head. Our family will be wiped out and no one will survive unless we… without delay… this will altest save your lives but always remember we we will always l…” sigh

“I hate that dream.” Santus exclaimed softly as he awoke.

The Rivers Styx and Acheron

“This sucks, how’d I get myself here on this ship anyways?” Roger asked himself as he walked and sat on his bed in the resting quarters of the ship. “I’m not supposed to be here.” He thought to himself as he sat there with the other pets and animals they corralled across the world. These animals are all being taken to The Pound, a solitary island that mysteriously appeared right after the Great Collapse. “It was about 9 years ago on the 6th of June 2006 is when this phenomenon that changed the world occurred. I was playing outside with Thomas my owner, we were playing fetch when a loud crack split the air, it sounded like thunder but it was a cloudless day. Next a red line of flames flew across the sky, as it passed over us I felt something burning inside me almost like my insides were set on fire. The change was fast over the 3 days. First hands and feet, then standing, and lastly human speech. I was just a puppy then, so they said the charge was more pleasant for me then most of the others. But no matter what it was or how it felt I became chimeras, a animal with shared features of multiple creatures. During the change they said I took on the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics and attributes of the last animal I came in contact with. For most. It was a human, some other animals but no matter what it may have been once, if you were affected by the change you were gathered and taking to The Pound.” Roger let his memory echo through his mind recalling the events that changed his life. Roger is a white and black humanoid husky he was average height and well built, his eyes were amber like red and he wore a blue Pokémon T-shirt with a light blue Pokéball on his left shoulder and the Pokémon water symbol on his back, with tan cargo-pants and black and white sneakers.

“Hey.” Someone said to him as he sat on the top bunk of the bed.

“Um, yeah what’s up?” Roger asked him looking up from his feet. He saw that it was a large humanoid tiger, his fur was a golden colour and he had medium brown stripes, he was wearing jeans with sneakers and a unbuttoned dress shirt, so you could see his muscular chest and abs. His voice was deep but that wasn’t to uncommon for a tiger.

“Who’s sleeping here?” He asked pointing to the bottom bunk.

“No one you want it?” I asked him as he stood just in front of the bunk bed.

“Yes, if no one’s claimed it I’ll take it.” He said dropping his duffel bag on the ground near the bed and falling into the bed himself, he shifted around for a few seconds until he was settled.

“Well my names is Roger what’s yours?” Roger asked him but there was a long paused that followed his question.

“Don’t got one, but if you want to call me something call me X.” He said back.

“Wait why X, is it because it sounds cool?” Roger asked him but X just stayed quiet.

“Maybe for being one of the hardest to take down by the guards. It took 10 men 10 days and 10 of their strongest tranquilliser darts to put him down. Am I right?” A humanoid rabbit asked from the bunk next to them. She had snow white fur and long hair her eyes were turquoise blue and her voice was soft and quiet. She was wearing a green jacket with fur around the collar over a white shirt with a higher collar and blue jeans and right next to her was something wrapped in a large cloth and tied with a string.

“It’s the Roman numeral for 10 so yes your right.” X answer back, till just now Roger failed to the rabbit on the other bunk bed in their room. “So since we’re doing introduction what’s your name?” He then asked her.

“It’s Yuuki.” She answers in a soft quiet voice. Just then the door slammed open and the guards tossed someone into the room with them.

“You can’t treat me like this.” He protested as the guards laughed then slammed the door.

“Trust me that’s not the worst they can do, just let it be.” X said to him turning around on his bunk facing his back to everyone.

“I was told this place was suppose to be a facility for our betterment.” He said back to X.

“Yep, that what they tell everyone who loves their pets, so they are willing to send you here. But that’s far from the truth, this place it is a prison where they plan keep all of us forever.” X responded by

“NO! It its not, it can’t be, they promised I’d get to see Thomas again.” Roger shouted refusing to accept X’s explanation.

“It’s properly the same for the rest of you, and maybe everyone else at the Pound. You had the whole teary eyed farewell with your owners and a let’s meet again promise.But it not going to happen at least, they won’t let it.” said without turning to face them. “I really envy you all having someone who wants you back.” X whispered to himself still laying on his bed. Yuuki’s ears twitch as she barely heard X’s whisper, only to give a sympathetic look. “But hey mouse what’s your name?” X asked the new member of their room.

“My owner called me Leonardo Da Vinci after the famous painter and inventor.”

“Well it nice to meet you.” Roger said jumping off of his bed and walking over to greet him. “I’m Roger and the rabbit over there is Yuuki and the tiger over their is X.”

“You’re a tiger?” Leonardo asked, “you certainly don’t smell like one.”

“Does it matter? ” X asked.

“I suppose it doesn’t.” Leonardo returned. with Roger looking at him them confused.

“It’s gonna be a long couple of days till we get to The Pound so I recommend you guys keep a low profile and keep out of trouble. It will make the ride there easier.” X finished before going to sleep. Yuuki also decided to try and get some sleep as well. Rogers and Leonardo both stayed up a bit later talking about their owner and what they did before the were placed on the this ship. After about an hour or so they both went to bed.

The next morning a loud buzzing signalled for breakfast. Getting out of bed they all waited for about a few minutes before they went to the door looking around. Leonardo saw that everyone was wearing slightly less clothing. X was only wearing what looked like a pair of black compression shorts from just below his hips to just barely down his thighs. Rogers was wear the same thing but his shorts was of a blue camouflage style while still warning his shirt for the other day. Yuuki was wearing only the white inner dress from her outfit the other day, it covered only her front and then wrapped around to her lower back then halfway down her thigh. He himself was wearing a pair of plain pajamas.

“Hey what are we waiting on?” Leonardo asked as they sat silently on their beds. Then suddenly the room started to shake, after about a few moments it stopped but not after loud footsteps and the screaming from the hall was heard.  It happened again with the same effect and then a third time. After the third time X, Roger, and Yuuki began to walk towards the door. “Wait, what just happened?” Leonardo asked as they approached the door.

“There are three chimeras on this ship that causes trouble for everyone, the rhino, the elephant, and the bull..” Yuuki said as Roger opened the door, and the hall was covered in blood marks and blood splattered all along the hall.

“They charge down the hall at full speed every morning and every night for food, their own stampede. The unfortunate souls that are out during it get trampled.” X said with a bit of remorse and anger in his voice. As they walked down the hall and into the cafeteria they saw them the Chimeras that stampeded down the hall, covered in blood and gorging themselves with food. They all look about the same to were 8 feet tall and weighed properly over 300 pounds, made up of mostly muscle. Those thick muscles cover their entire body from neck to toe. After about 5 minutes the rest of the boat’s passengers left their rooms and were standing around the edge of the cafeteria waiting for them to finish.

“We’ll wait for them to finish then we take what’s left. Going up there now will only get you killed by those three.” Rogers said as they stood there watching.

“But they’re going to eat everything by themselves.” Leonardo protested.

“Trust us Leo it just makes things easier, but we’re sick of it.” Yuuki said holding back her disgust for the whole time clutching something wrapped in that cloth she carried around. Then without warning a female puppy chemical went flying from from the crowd and landed right next to the severing area. Shock and horror felled everyone as they saw the rhino stop eating and walk up to her. He was clearly infuriating. Looking down at her he exhaled directly into her face then lifted his massive foot and tried to crush her underneath it. Paralyzed by fear she simply lied still looking up at him. Everyone in the crowd was shouting for her to run, but no one came to her rescue, no one even moved. All too scared to help. Then he dropped his foot with considerable force unto this girl. Everything went silent and time seem to slow, as they all awaited her grim fate. Most closed their eyes while a lady screamed out for her rescue. Then gasps filled the rooms, as people opened their eyes to see both Roger and X had stopped his foot just inches above her head. Holding the rhino’s foot in place they waited for someone to move the girl but no one would step forward.

“Roger take the girl and get her back to the crowd.” X told him while they held his foot up against the rhino’s weight. He was still trying to stomp down on the girl’s head,  trying to force his way through both Roger and X. “I’ll hold his foot up so do it.” He told him as he saw hesitancy in his eyes. Letting go Roger ducked under to grab the girl, losing Rogers support the rhino’s foot dropped a few inches but X adjusted his grip and held it firm. When Roger had grabbed the girl from underneath the rhino’s foot X put all his strength into something daring. He was not going to just let this slide, after they tried to kill a little girl like that. So he got into a better position lowering his leg just enough so the rhino lost his balance then tossed his feet and the lower part of his body in the air with all his strength. The rhino went flying into the air, hitting the ground with a loud crash, the boat shook violently as he land on his back. Given his shoulders a quick rub and spinning his arms he stood erect and stared at the others that had now stopped eating, and stood to their feet.

“No the cat is mine.” The rhino said getting back to his feet staring directly at X his voice was deep and scratchy. Suddenly both Yuuki and Roger were standing next to him.

“Whatever, as long as I get that sweet little bunny next to him.” The bull said staring at Yuuki and licking his lips, who was standing next to X.

“I guess I’ll take the pup.” The elephant said about Roger, walking and standing in line with both the rhino and the bull.

“So they can speak.” Yuuki said after their little conversation.

“I alway thought they were too stupid for words.” Roger said adding to her comment.

“Come on guys let’slets be fair, we all know that idiots just need the right kind of, encouragement.” X said as they faced off with the ship’s most feared and dangerous passengers. Enraged by their insults they charged X and the others, both the elephant and the Rhino dropped their heads looking to gorge both X and Roger with their horn and tusks. Fortunately both X and Roger manoeuvred in a way to avoid their horn and tusks and held on to them. Yuuki had a different problem the bull rushed her horns up and arms extended trying to grapple her. But Yuuki effortlessly jumped clear over his head and into a tumble uncovering what looked like a thin wooden practice katana from the piece of cloth she had tied with a sting.

Turning around the bull just stared at her with a smile as he got ready to charge again. Yuuki giggled at the repeated charge then she got serious almost as if death was going to be the outcome. Taking a lowered stance she held the wooden sword in by the handle her left hand at the wooden blade against the hilt, placing the back of her right hand on the handle nearest to the hilt. He right leg was extended forward with her knee slightly bent outwards and her back leg we closer to her body but bent forward. Focused on his change she waited for him to move. After about 10 seconds he charged her taking a different stance than before. This time his left arm was extended while his right arm was bent back and he was crouched down but moved forward like normal. As he approached Yuuki remained absolutely still waiting for the right moment to attack. Seemingly trying to end it in one attack. Then as soon as he got to her he reached his arm out to grab her when “AHHH!” a scream cut through the air, all attention now moved to Yuuki’s fight. The bull was now kneeling on the floor while Yuuki stood behind him, her thin wooden practice katana was an actual steel bladed katana, that was now covered in blood. Turning around she took another stanes as the bull stood again to his feet. Again he smiled and, as he dragged his hand across the entire gash Yuuki had given him. It spawned from the lower abdomen to the chest from right to left and dripped with blood. “Well you’re making me work for my dessert huh.” He said to her.

“Huh, sorry to disappoint but I don’t plan to give you any dessert, not today and not ever.” She returned. Within another couple of second he moved to one of the wooden tables and tossed it at her. Cutting it in half Yuuki saw that multiple tables and chairs was now flying in her direction. As the chairs flew at her she jumped over one while cutting another landing on a table that turned over to face the bull pushing off she hit the floor in a tumble avoiding another chair. But when she look up she saw the bull now just inches away from her with one hand already at her shoulder. Then and loud grunt sounded as Yuuki’s blade slammed into his abdomen piercing through to his back almost to the hilt of the blade. But even with the blade in his gut he continued to hold on to Yuuki. Slamming her to the ground knocking the wind out of her, now both Yuuki’s hand were pinned to the floor and her legs open with him over her.

“Now I’ve got you my little bunny.” Feeling him move his hips closer to her Yuuki quickly began to think of ways she could escape. Feeling something poke her she gasped but just then the rhino came flying at them completely taking the bull by surprise and sending him flying across the room with the rhino. Grabbing her sword as the bull got hit, and flew across the room. She then looked back and saw X slightly bloodied but he was standing in a position like he had thrown something. Walking over to her he extended his hand and helped her to her feet looking at each other the were both silent for a few seconds just looking at one another intensely. A slight blush appeared on both their faces but they soon became serious again as they saw the rhino and bull had gotten back up and were extremely pissed. They both took a fighting stance and got ready for their attacks. Roger was doing fairly well in his fight also. Him and the elephant were locked in a bare knuckle fist fight, Roger had the advantage in speed and was landing all his punches while the elephant was having a hard time keeping up. They stood about an inch apart and were both throwing punches as fast as they could. One of the elephant punches grazed Roger’s chin, just then he countered his blow with a uppercut to his chin sending the elephant floppings. Bending over to whisper in his large flopping ear.

“Who’s the pup now, bitch.” Roger then walked over by X and Yuuk, with a simple nod they both understood what was next. Watching their now battered opponents stand to their feet. Eyes fix and rage burning hot, and erupting like volcanoes. The three rushed the team of Roger, X and Yuuki, Yuuki took a new stance, her sword to the right with her feet right one in front of the other.  X also took a stance, one hand extended while the other was at his side, his front leg extends while the back leg was bent. When the massive chimeras got to close enough Roger rushed in grabbing the elephant’s trunk and step on his extended knee, then with perfect timing back flipped his head swiftly pulling his truck with him twisting and snapping the elephant’s neck as the he propelled forward crashing to the floor of the ship. X and Yuuki waited for them to be just in front of them, X jumped while using his extended hand to adjust himself mid-air using the rhino for support. Now behind him X landed a extremely powerful kick to his neck decapitating him,sensing blood gushing th the direction of the kick. Then with a spinning kick he launched the rhino’s head at the Bull’s head. Stabbing him in the eye with the rhino’s horn cause him to stumble, using this opening Yuuki rushed. No one saw how many times she swung her sword but both the his arms just below the shoulder and his head were flying through the air. Silence gripped the boat as his head hit the floor, the three Titans of the boat were killed. Cheers erupted from the other passenger all around them, rushing in they all began to thank x and then others.

“Everyone just get your fill,” X said as guiding everyone to the food in the centre of the room. “We have a long way ahead of use.” he said to Roger and the others as everyone began to walk to the food trays hope and happiest filling the eyes.

“You did a great thing, you all did. Now let get some food.” Leonardo said walking up to the them with four food trays to eat. Grabbing his X got up and walked over to the serving area and grabbed a few more trays, making sure to load them up with food. He then began to walk towards the living quarters.

“where are you going?” Yuuki call after him, but he only look over his shoulder and smile be for vanishing into the the dark of the hall. After dinner they all walked back to their room together, they were puzzle at to X’s disappearance of the fight. As the opened the door to the sheared room they found him asleep on this bed but the trays he carried were gone. Settling in Yuuki made a note to ask him about it later.


Dragon Rite Ceremony

It was the end of the week and Spencer had hardly seen Santus. Being so close in rank they shared many of the same classes. Unfortunately they had shared little more than a few fist bumps and greetings since classes began. “Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Frost and I’ll be your magic teacher for this semester. One important thing to know about this class is that we will be learning nature based spells and not arcane based spells.” She said with a smile that melted every male student’s heart. “Is the anyone who know the difference between the two.” she asked, Elizabeth was a wood florian and was beauty incarnate and had a shy disposition that grabbed all the guy’s attention. Two students raised their hands, Santus an and another female student ;she was a petite Sky Florian, with unusually dark skin similar to Santus but slightly more brown than red. and short black hair. Looking over Spencer notices that Santus was sitting next one the guys he was fighting with against that huge tree. Elizabeth picked the Florian girl, “Yes could you please introduce yourself?” she asked.

“Allright…  My name is Nadia Morales, and the answer is that arcane based magic uses the individuals mana while nature uses the individual’s contention to the world’s mana.” she said.

“That is correct. Thanks you Ms. Morales.” Elizabeth returned. Looking around Spencer noticed only a couple of empty choirs between himself and Santus, so he moved over seats until he was next to him, on his right.

“Dude where have you been? I haven’t heard from you in forever.” Spencer spoke whispered l him.

“Sorry about that I’ve been engrossed in some studies. And it’s only been a few days at best.” Santus returned.

“Yeah but still we swore to look out for each other always, Remember.” Spencer whispered back to him. Reminding him of an oath they made when the both were younger in battle training as partners. “how’re we gonna do that if you’re always isolating yourself. Feels like when you first came to Historia.”

“OK, OK  I will fill you in more on what’s happening. On that note, you remember the stone in my pendant right?” Santus asked him.

“Yeah, that ice thingy right?” Spencer returned.

“Yeah that ice thingy.” Santus replied with a glare.

“Sorry!” Spencer returned defensively.

“I’m looking for more of it. I swear I’ve looked everywhere , I’ve looked in books at the library, reports dating back 500 years manifests from every public and private quarry. But I’ve been finding mostly nothing.” He replied and then continued. “But I know that this library will have what I’m looking for. I’ll just need help to go and get it because it could be an extremely hard venture.”

“How many?” Spencer asked

“About 5-7 people total so a full party” Santus replied, “two Defenders, three Striker, a Controller and a Healer. I can do without the extra Striker but it makes it a lot easier. But I also need one of them to be able to work a forge.”

“Hmmm what about Austin he’s a defender and can work a forge? He’s in Radiants but I’m sure he’ll be up for it.” Spencer asked. “Remember he was in a trio with us a couple of times in battle training.”

“That’s a great idea!” Santus said aloud interrupting the class. Looking over their teacher Elizabeth stared at them then asked.

“What’s a great idea now?” Elizabeth asked at his sudden outburst.

“Uh, ummm” he stammered embarrassingly tring to find a cover for his sudden outburst.

“Well we’re waiting.” she prompted.

“Nothing important.” He answered quietly.

“Next time please refrain from disturbing the class Mr…” She returned waiting wanting him to introduce himself.

“Santus, Josshua Santus.” Santus said as the class then erupted into laughter. With a simple sigh their teacher went on. Turning back to Spencer he whispered “I forgot about him, thanks a bunch, ill let you know when i decide to do.” He said.

“No worries, I’ll find something to do in the mean time, but I’ll be on standby if you need me.” He whispered back. Bumping knuckles, they returned to their class. After class Spencer decide to let Santus and Zac do their research. Walking down the hall an announcement with off.

“All first year students please report to Assembly Area of the Central tower for The Dragon Rite Ceremony.” the loud speaker went off just as their class ended. Unsure of the announcement Spencer walked to the central tower of dragons cradle. As he entered the room he found Nathan and Brahine standing next to each other. The Assembly area in the Central Tower was a large open area, the floor were long hard wood ceder planks with long marble pillars along the beautiful carved stone walls. Large archways lead into the assembly area each decorated in the colours and images of each of the ten dragons houses of the school. As they entered the room long plain an stained glass windows allowed natural light into the area. Each decorated in a similar design to the archways with a central chandelier hung from the extremely high raised ceiling. Each wall also held balconies in he spaces between the windows and the tops of the archways. As he approached Nathan turned to greet him.

“Oh hello Spencer it been quite sometime my friend.” He said as Spencer got closed waving Brahine also greeted him.

“Sup dude how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, but I’m not sure what going on here.” Spencer returned.

“We’re about to get dragon flesh and blood implanted into our bodies. They call it the Dragon Rite Ceremony.” Santus said coming up from behind them with Zac. “Oh and by the way this is Zac we meet in the forest he an awesome guy.” He said introducing him, they all then exchanged introductions.

“Ok students right now we are going to give you your Dragon rites. They will appear as dragon scales on you backs in the colour of your dragon house.” One of the teachers said standing on a high platform in the center of the room. “We want the girls on one side and the boy on the other, there will be a divider up in a second for privacy. Next one by one we want you to walk up to any one of these 150 stations on each side and place your C.A.S. ID pads to the reader and then step in when the doors open. Also Please remove all your clothing before stepping in thank you.” As the male and female students separated a large wall went up separating them. It was thick an impossible to see through.

“They don’t play around.” Spencer thought to himself. Looking around he noticed everyone started to remove their cloth as they were instructed. Doing the same he walked over to one of the machines and did as they were instructed. As he stepped in at the door closed and he felt a strange sensation all around his body. Then he heard a voice.

“Spencer Kairos, Black dragon, striker, compatibility 77%, scales 7” then he felt a surge of power within him. Finished he stepped out to find everyone staring at him in awe.

“What?” He asked as no one answered, just stared.

“It’s because your compatibility rate it’s really high. Anything above a 45% is rare, and when you pass 70 people take notice.” Santus answered walking passed him and into the station. Then the voice sounded again.

“Joshua Santus, White dragon, controller, compatibility 100%, scales 10″ then he stepped out and they had a complete different reaction from everyone. There were only silent stares ash his compatibility was announced. Next was Nathan, then Brahine then Zac “Nathan Tonare, Brass dragon, striker, compatibility 69% scales 6. Joshua Brahine, Blue dragon, defender, compatibility 45% scales 4. Zac Waiz, White dragon, striker, compatibility 80% scales 8.” Walking out they all got dressed and head to our house halls for lunch their a few people the got high compatibility. What really took even the teachers by surprise was the fact that six students possessed 100% compatibility. Excluding Santus the was 4 male student A red dragon, Jaheel Chi an Oni striker, a green dragon Kareem Calista a Bellum Mer striker/defender, A black Dragon, Shakeele Bastian a human controller and a blue dragon, Jazeel Chi a human strkier. And one female student, a blue dragon Nadia Morales a Florian Healer. As Spencer broke off to head towards the black dragon housing area another black dragon student, one of his roommates walked up to him.

“Hey you were one of those guys with the crazy high compatibility right?” He asked

“Um I guess, why?” Spencer returned.

“Sweet I know I’m one of your roommates and all but I want to introduce myself properly I’m Tyler Gallant.” He said introducing himself.

“Spencer Kairos, so what brings the sudden let’s be friends attitude, is it my high compatibility with the dragon scales or is it that you want help with something.”

“Ok so you got me, it both  I wanted to ask for your help on something, and your high compatibiltlty rate will help alot.” He said sounding extremely confident.

“Ok what do you want?” Spencer asked.

“Have you ever heard of the Caldera of Burning Ice…?” He asked Spencer.

“The dragon shrines to the Great Wyrm of ice and snow, Yeah Santus and I both did a research paper on them in training school, what of it?”

“Well I just so happen to know its location , and was looking for some other students to travel with.”

“So I guess this is the part where you ask me to get my friends involved in your so little adventure.” Spencer said to him.

“Well I didn’t say quite that but it’s up to you. I’m only putting the offer out there, do what you want with it.” Tyler said working off leavening Spencer in the hall. Thinking a bit about what he said Spencer decided to mention it to Santus and the other to get their take on it. But right now he had to get lunch. Walking back to the black dragon cafeteria he sat down noticing that there was not much people for him to talk to. With a sigh he got his food and sat down at an empty table. A few minutes into his meal he noticed that there was a lot of whispering going on and all the students were staring at him.

“Oh that’s just my luck things just had to get all weird.” He thought to himself. When suddenly some other students walked up to him nervously.

“Can we sit with you?” One of the girls asked him. Turning to see them properly he recognised that they were some of the students he helped in the forest. Excited he answered.

“Sure! Guys sit let’s talk.” relieved they all sat next to him around the table and began to introduce themselves, there were two girls, and three boys. The girls’ names were Carol and Stacy, and the guys were Trystan, Conor and Marcel. Their conversation evolved into a light heated banter that had everyone on the table laughing and have fun. Pretty soon one of the upperclassmen walked up to them.

“Hey first years shut the hell up, some of us we’re enjoying the quiet here!” He shouted at then commanding the entire cafeteria’s attention. Everything went quiet for a few heartbeats as everyone was looking to see if a fight  would break out, but Spencer just ignore him. Beckoning the conversation to go on. Anger bloomed in the upperclassmen who then grab Spencer from his seat by the collar and opened up his mouth to haul insults at him. Before he could make a sound however Spencer unfolded his staff into his foot and jaw, slamming his mouth shut. Grabbing his staff Spencer freed himself from the upperclassmen grip and turned to sit in his chair. All before the upperclassmen fell to the floor. As Spencer took his seat, he heard him hit the floor in a loud crash and the cafeteria erupting in laughter. Embarrassed he jumped to his feet pulled out his weapon right before shout a challenged at Spencer for a duel.

“Bad idea, you’ll regret that it.” A soft and familiar voice came from behind the upperclassmen.

“Stay out of this first year this has nothing to do with you.” He replied as the person came closer. Facing towards the voice Spencer noticed that it was Samantha. Sighing he said to her.

“What you suddenly want to help me now.” Rolling her eyes, she returned.

“No I just want to enjoy my meal without having to see someone cry.” At this point she and Spencer were about a foot away from each other.

“Hey! I’m challenging you to a duel!” The upperclassman shout at Spencer again.

“Hey guys, let’s talk later.” Spencer said to his five new friends at his table. Getting up he walked passed Samantha and then the upperclassmen. “I’m not going to fight you.” He said as he walked past him “I don’t fight people weaker than me.” Enraged he attacked Spencer without warning, however Spencer stopped his scimitar with his three finger before another upperclassmen interrupted.

“Let it go man.” He said as Spencer as turned away and began to walk outside the cafeteria. Lunch was over and he had to find his next class. Looking at his C.A.S. ID Pad he mapped out where is next class was.

“This thing is sweet.” He thought as he followed it to his class, turning corners and walking down long hallways and up a few fleets of stairs. Just before his  class a call came in from Santus. “Yeallow.” Spencer said as he answered.

“Yo, so I called Austin like five minutes ago, and as it turns out I will need you help with this.” Santus said.

“Yeah no problem man when are we leaving!?” Spencer said excited.

“Well you’re excited, so I still haven’t found its location yet but I’m getting close, all I need is one more thing to complete the puzzle.” Santus returned sound excited but still a little frustrated.

“You’ll find it man I just know it, good luck.” Spencer said to him.

“Thanks and see you later.” Santus replied.

“Later.” Spencer replied as he ended the call, looking around he was completely lost now and there was only 5 min left till class. “Great… now what?” He thought to himself.

Welcome to Dragon Cradle

“Hey how are you feeling?” Zac’s voice came from the side of Santus’ bed in the infirmary.

“I’m doing better than yesterday that’s for sure.” Santus returned. “I feel like I just came out of a blender tho.” He remarked as he sat up to face him.

“So tell me about yourself Santus or should I say Joshua Lux Sancturus.” Zac’s replied.

“Nope, not exactly.” Santus returned with a sigh. “I’m from an exiled branch of the Sancturus, the Amor. my full name would have be Joshua Amor Sancturus. How did you know I was a Sancturus?”

“Since your brother Samuel showed up and you used that invocation. You may not know but you saved my life during the last collapse, so I’d obviously remember you my savior… you used that same form then as well.” Zac’s answered.  “ But can tell me the truth, why hide who you are? Are you ashamed or is it to avoid misunderstandings?”

“Wait… you don’t know?” Santus asked.

“Know what?” Zac asked.

“The Sancturus Royal line was accused of treason and all subsequent head families and branch families we executed. Being an exiled branch family we were spared from the purge.” Santus explained. “But not the persecution, we were unable to stay in any place for longer than 4 years.” Santus explained as a tear rolled down his face.  

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Zac responded.

“Don’t worry it’s my lot to deal with. But we  were prepared for it… I’m still alive.” he’s said wait faint smile no one noticed, then asked “But how was the assembly I fingered it would be over since that calendar say it’s today.” He said pointing at a calendar in the corner trying he change the topic.

“Yeah it is. They talked about the Orcwort and how it was killed by the participants but that’s so far from the truth.” Zac’s said in a serious tone.

“Give everyone some more credit we actually did kill it.” Santus said as Zac look back at him puzzled. “OK, so during the fight we managed to destroy its root system so it couldn’t escape, that’s mainly why it tried to fight back so hard. But the last two attacks we did, did kill it but Its will to survive was strong enough to keep its body moving… Samuel mostly just vaporized a hollow shell. But the assembly.” Santus said wanting him to continue.

“Well they said since we never didn’t make it to the towers we would have to be place at the bottom of the class.”

“WHAT!” Santus said in alarm.

“But… since we did kill the Orcwort which was a B ranked monster, our ranks jumped from last to first in our years. Also we both got admitted to Weisthria the white dragon house. And we’re gonna be roommates in the #1 student room. Since we’re tied for first in our year at the moment. Also the black dragon house has a trio in their room.” Zac said explaining as much as he could remember.

“Ok… that’s a relief, well step one get into the White dragon house complete.” Santus said falling back into his bed with a small twitch of pain.

“So what’s step two?” Zac asked jokingly.

“I need to find crystalite.” Santus said fixing himself into the bed.

“Isn’t that just a myth?” Zac asked somewhat surprised.

“I can assure you it’s anything but a myth, I’ve seen it once before while I was out looking for materials with my dad. It was a freak accident, but I found some. It’s actually the gem in my pendant.” He said pulling out a medium size pendant in the shape of a sword with wings and the centre of it had a gem that looked rough and unrefined.

“Ok… So it’s not a myth but how do you know that’s it…” Zac returned.

“I have tried multiple times to heat, cut, shape and polish it but nothing. One time it even froze my forge cold after it touched it, so I decided to set it in my pendant as proof it exists, but also so I remember to look for…”

“You have a forge!?” The sound of Cody’s voice broke their conversation as he walked into the infirmary. Spencer, Levi, Nathan, Barhine and Alicia filled the room with chatter as they entered as well. “So you gonna make us some new weapons this year huh?” Cody asked hyped about new weapons.

“If you provide the material then sure.” Santus returned.

“Man stingy.” Cody replied.

“I don’t have the world of supplies at my fingertips you know.” Santus replied with a chuckle, but he did have enough to make them each 50 weapons but he was about to tell them that. But the rest of the day went on in a similar way they all talked, laughed and hung out in his room for hours. Leaving at about midnight when Elizabeth the head of the medical department asked them to leave, so Santus could get some rest.

As they walked back Zac couldn’t forget his conversation with Santus about his quest for crystalite, and about his brother.

“I wonder how he’s dealing with that. I wonder, and how he’s gonna find crystalite.” He taught to himself, “but for right now I need to get some sleep, classes start tomorrow.” Going back to their room he noticed it was still set for one person. Falling on the bed he quickly fell asleep with the events of the last two days behind him. When he awoke he decided to get dressed early to take a look around the Weisthria house hall. Leaving his room he walked around and notice the tower was in complete disrepair, windows were cracked, the walls had peeling paint and the eating hall was completely disgusting. Old food adorned the tables, floors and windows but the worst of all the students lacked all confidence in themselves. Walking up to the lunch table he saw that the food was the best thing they had there which did boost his spirits a bit. Grabbing a bite to eat he sat at the closest table to the center for breakfast. He was one of the first students in the cafeteria as he began to eat he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. Turning he saw that Santus was standing behind him.

“Hey can I sit here?” Santus asked holding a tray of food.

“Sure you’re more than welcome to.” Zac replied. Sitting down he noticed that the entire cafeteria was whispering and staring at them. Ignoring it they both continued eating.

“So I see you got released, are you feeling better?” Zac asked trying to avoid the weird feeling he was getting from everyone.

“Yeah I’m feeling better than new, but I’m suppose to take it easy for a couple of days…”

“ALL YA NEW STUDENTS LINE UP ON DE WALL!!!” The order came out from one of the upperclassmen. Still ignoring them Zac and Santus continued their little talk when one of them grabbed one of the girls on the table behind them and began to drag her towards the wall where people began to line up.

“Didn’t you hear the guy up against the wall!” He shouted as he began to pull her from her seat.

“Ok that’s about enough.” Zac said gripping the guys arm as the girl began to struggle to get free. “Ok it’s about time you let go.” He said crushing the upperclassmen arm in his hand. With a painful shout he released her and then Zac released him. As both of them were falling to the ground Zac turned around and caught the female student as she fell. Holding her ever so gently as he helped her to her feet just inches away from each other Zac stared into her eyes then asked. “Did he hurt you by any change?” swept off her feet she only replied.

“No I’m fine, thank you.” However, within seconds an explosion of ice engulfed them.

“Ok chivalry is great and all, but try not to get me involved will you. I’m suppose to be taking it easy remember.” Santus said as he stood between them and the explosion with a glyph shield protecting them.

“I’ll remember that for next time.” Zac said standing to his feet. “Will you keep her safe Santus. I’ll deal with this.” Walking forward Zac pull out his broadsword and faced them, enraged at their lack of civility.

“What you want something.” One of the upperclassmen said to him.

“Oh and by the way Liz can regenerate anything but a heart or a brain… So, yeah, go nuts.” Santus said out loud.

“What’s that suppose to… AHHHHHHHHHH!” his scream echoed through the dining hall as Zac passed by cutting both his arms off in one swoop. The other seven second year white dragon students just stood there staring at Zac as he gave them a look beckoning death to all. The guy he had just taken down was a third year student who was leading this group of kids.

“Now, the rest of you take this mess to the infirmary before I do the same to you.” Zac said in a deathly serious tone. Running past him they picked the falling third year and ran outside the cafeteria.

“Well… Well… Well, that was quite the demonstration first year.” Someone said as they walked from the back of the cafeteria to where Zac was standing. As he walked between them Santus felt something off about him so he decided to get involved. Stepping forward “I have no interest in the sidekick” he said as he and Santus stood face to face.

“Well I guess we both don’t seem to be getting what we want now do we.” Santus replied with a smile. “Besides let’s just go back to eating our meals in pea….” A punch interrupted him stepping back Santus avoided his punch but only to discover he had planted a trap for him by kicking wear he was about to step to. However, Santus avoid his attack with superior speed appearing behind him. As he turned Santus sent him flying with a palm strike to his rib cage. He recovered but only to see that Santus was inches away from him. Stepping back, he saw Santus smile, looking back he saw that Zac was standing right behind him. Shocked he tried to get away but Santus got him with a lightning fast barrage of attacks knocking him out.

“Where’d you learn that?” Zac asked as Santus walked towards the door.

“Oh that, form a monk with horns.” He answered with a smile. “But homeroom is in ten minutes see you there.” Looking around Zac felt the atmosphere had changed dramatically. But paying it no mind he left the cafeteria and headed for his homeroom. As Zac walked into the classroom he saw that he wasn’t the first student there and there were students from every house. Finding a seat next to Alicia, their teacher walked into the classroom.

“Hello class my name is Defyus Dread and this will be your homeroom for the semester. I’m will be filling in for Arannis Holimion your actual homeroom teacher while he’s out on assignment. So first off welcome to Draco Cradle I’ll begin by explaining how things work here. You were all given your C.A.S. IDs pads (Central All-purpose Student Identification pad) correct?” He asked as he finished. Looking around all the students look at him confused.

“Do you mean this?” Alicia said raising a small handheld device. It resemble a slightly larger ID card, thin and see through, with flames rising from the bottom of the display and the rotating emblem.

“Yes that is, Miss umm… Can you introduce yourself please?” Defyus asked her.

“Ah my name is Alicia Awkward.” She said quietly.

“Thank you very much Mrs Awkward. Ok so to continue on, those handheld devices are your keys to everything in the school, assignment will also be given to you through them. A notification will appear when new assignments have been sent out.  By holding them up to the consoles next to doors they will open, well… once you are allowed to access to those rooms. Next your house, rank and most frequent role taken in battle will be displayed on these. Simply tap the spinning emblem to do so… and before you ask the new ones are 5 a piece so don’t break them. “

“5 ?” a student asked from the back. “That’s not that…”

“5 platinum circuits.” Santus clarified shocking the entire class.

“Wait how do we get ranked?” another student asked after the shock wore off.

“Glad you asked. So if you look at your devices and tap the school emblem, three number will appear in the top right. Each tells you your current ranking in the school, house and your year and in that order from right to left. The lower the number the better your rank. And your homerooms will always be student who are at least 20-30 ranks within the highest student in that homeroom, in your year. Then classes are determined by your house ranks. And lastly positions like student body president and others all become available as you school rank becomes higher. Currently this class consist of ranks 1-30 out of 20,000 in your year.” Defyus said to the class.

“But who’s at the top of the class?” Cody asked sitting in the centre of the class.

“Well as of this morning Joshua Santus and Zac Waiz sit at the top of the class ranked 1st and 2nd. But following behind them is Spencer Kairos, Alicia Awkward, Cody Dangier, Levi Dependere, Scott Blatant, Chase Hilarous, Samantha Tranquillus, Taylor Gallant, as 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 9th and 10th. So does that answer your Question?” He finished looking at everyone as the bell rang for class to be over.

“Ok but one last thing your rank will change as you win or lose battle on and or off school grounds. Once you start a fight with a student. And Welcome to Dragon’s Cradle” He shouted as they all walked out of the class.

“Zac, hey wait up.” The voice of Santus came from behind him. “Hey, so I’m heading to the library to do some research, on that subject we talked about before. But I’m gonna need help when it comes time to find it tho, and to forge it into weapons. And I want to ask for your help on this.”

“Sure it sounds like fun, but would just the two of us be enough?” Zac asked him.

“No we won’t be enough, but I’m sure we can find some more help when it comes time for it. But I’m off to the library catch me up un intros for our next classes will you.” Santus said walking off leaving Zac in the hallway. As Zac stood there he felt a bit excited knowing that some great adventure awaited him. But for right now he had to head for his next class. As he was heading in that direction he noticed it we a magic usage class. Taken his seat he just barely made it on time suddenly he saw Santus walked in and sat next to him a bit depressed.

“What happen I thought you were heading to the library?” Zac asked him.

“So was I but one of the teacher decide I wasn’t.” He said with a sigh. “But I at least I can use this to search and reserve the books I want for the library.” He said pulling out his C.A.S. ID pad.

Inhabitant Info


Age: 15 yrs 
School: Draco Cradle
House: Weistria ( Graceful White Dragon)
Weapons: Blades (Dual Blade, Long Sword,
Short Swords, Spears & Rapier)
Spirit Infusion: Snow Leopard
Magic: Glyph, Incantation
Role: Striker, Controller
Race: Human


CODY Leader
SPENCER Defender
SANTUS Striker
ZAC Controller


Long jet black hair sits upon his head extending down his back just above his waist. With captivating sun disk eyes set into his boyish face, a 5 feet 6 inches body framed with well built muscles shows all his hard work from training each summer. Being both strong an agile his his body perfectly displays all the progress he’s made during these last few years, having struggled to pass 145lbs. His dark skin resembled the rust coloured sand at his favourite beach, brown with hints of a red-ish hue. Making his appearance very unique among most humans.


Joshua Santus is from an exiled branch of “The Sancturus Royal Family”. His branch the formally Sancturus Amur Family were combat maids and butlers and distant cousin to the Main Santurus Lux family. Each Amur was tasked with the protection of one of the leader of the Sancturus households Lux, Sol, Lun, Stel and Dak or heirs. However due to unknown circumstances the Sancturus Amur family were exiled from the Sancturus Family and was re-name Santus and lost all right to their former lands and wealth.

The now Santus Family became nomads like most human tribes wondering from land to land. instead choosing never to establish a home, choosing to remain until prosecution becomes to intense or a better opportunity comes along. Joshua spent most of his life with the “Santus Mercenaries” as they were called, training with his cousins Jullianna, Joseph and Johnathon as their family took on contract to protect small towns and villages to survive. Their latest stop was the medium size town of Fallen Leaves a beautiful and peaceful town in the middle of the Fall Forest, a forest know for its tress retaining there fall colours all year round. While Joshua was never good at making friends, he quickly became friends with another boy name Cody Dangier, and the two were inseparable. Joshua and Cody did everything together trained, played, the even slept together almost everyday, and of course caused tons of mischief throughout Fallen Leaves. During their time together they took on missions and request normally reserved for adults and complete them with minor difficulty at the ages of 10 and 11. they even develop combination moves to help increase the power to complete these missions, becoming the youngest team in the west to ever complete a B Rank quest as a duo. But after only four years in Fallen Leaves their family moved again and he was forced to say goodbye. On the day they left Joshua and Cody performed a certain ritual with did give their desired effect but forever changing their lives. Joshua who was training to become a mage had made a mistake and performed a complete different ritual.

After they left Fallen Leaves, Joshua’s mother and father broke away from the main family’s nomadic life style to live a more stable life with there kids. They settled in Historia were Joshua met the charismatic Spencer Kairos his now best friend. Their friendship began on a school trip his first month in Historia, however their friendship grew quickly and they developed a strong connection. During their 5 years together they became known as “The Twins of Destruction” in the east and were ranked the 4th and 5th at their training school. Now Joshua have set off to Draco Cradle to discover the truth behind his family.

The Last Day of Summer

“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,” The sound of the alarm woke Joshua from his sleep. Raising his hand and turning to his alarm clock he turned it off “click” resting his hand on the stop button.

“Sigh… my last day of summer break. Sigh and the first day of school. So technically today should only be the last day of summer break. But today my parents decided to drive me to school so we can spend my last day home together. While it is a great sentiment I had planned the entire day out, with an awesome barbecue on the beach at the end, but spending time with the family is just as fun… I guess.” Joshua thought to himself as he got out of bed, walking to his dresser he picked out one of his favourite dress shirts in white and a vest in light blue, he also grabbed a black pair of fitted jeans with black dress shoes and some new navy blue laces he brought the day before.

“Joshua hurry up, Spencer’s down here waiting!” Alex shouted from down stairs.

“Yeah I’m Coming!” Joshua shouted back. “Good thing I showered already,” he thought to himself. Joshua’ well built body showed all his hard work from training that summer, being 5 feet 6 inches only help in that. His dark skin resembled the rust coloured sand at his favourite beach. And his long jet black hair extended down his back just above his waist, his sun disk eyes captivated all who saw him. Throwing on his clothes and pulling his hair back in a ponytail, he sprinted down the stairs for the kitchen. Staring at the countertop he quickly began to look for something to eat, “who ate my last muffin?” He snarled. Seeing his container of double chocolate chip muffins empty on the countertop.

“Oh… I gave it to Spencer, he skipped breakfast to get here on time.” His mother replied, With a long sigh he looked over to the living room he saw Spencer. His casual appearance was to common for his own good. Grey sleeveless hoodie and blue fitted jeans. It was just like him. His dirty blond hair was spiked forward like always, and his eyes were pure crystal blue like the purest lakes.  He was was slightly taller than Joshua at Five feet eleven, and had a slightly bigger build. His skin was tanned but was pale in comparison to theirs, and was now eating his last muffin. “Sigh, this is gonna be a long day.” He said softly to himself.

“Dude I said I was sorry.” Spencer argued as they both sat next to each other in the back seats of Joshua’s parents hover car, with Dante and Max, Joshua’s younger siblings

“Don’t worry about it. “He replied still slightly upset, his gaze fixed out the window on some mountains in the distance. Both Spencer’s and Joshua’s parents decided that since they were best friends, and going to the same school that it was best that they rode there together. “By the way which house are you aiming for at Draco?” Joshua asked Spencer.

“Don’t, know,hmm blue or black maybe. You?” Spencer returned.

“Me? White or silver, they work best with my snow leopard’s minor ice ability.” He answered.

“Josh let’s hear the the ten dragons again, pleeease.” His little brother Max asked from the seat behind them, pleading to hear his favourite fairy tale again.

“No, we already heard that one a million times. And besides mom and dad can tell you it later.” Dante protested from the seat next to him. Secretly wanting to hear as well.

“Yeah but, Joshua tells it the best… and this might be the last time he can.” Max replied still wanting him to tell the story.

“Ok, ok I’ll tell it.” Joshua said with a chuckle. “So this story starts in the beginning, before any the three races knew one another. The human race was a race of great crafters and blacksmiths. They made great cities, miraculous inventions and they explored constantly. Soon they found the Florian, beings of magic who were able to tap into the great power of the universe. We know this power as mana. They lived very close to nature and were key to the development of the sky fortresses. They were the first race to be discovered by the humans and a great friendship developed between two races. The Bellum Deos a warrior race who had mastered the arts of combat, were discovered next. They lived high in the mountains and deep within the earth, they helped develop the legendary weapons of the Dragon warriors. They were the strongest fighters and the only one able to develop a partnership with the might dragons, but that’s for  a little later on.

These three races began to live together for a few hundred years, the union of the three races caused each race to grow exponentially. But it wasn’t long before they discovered the hydras. Fierces multi-headed reptilians had an insatiable hunger, and with it devoured any and everything they came across. That laid waste to almost every explorer who journeyed out every in their direction leaving nothing of them behind. Those who would somehow manage to escape would tell of the gargantuan creatures and a healing ability that made them seem immortal. Fearing for their safety, if these creature ever ventured in their land they waged war on the hydras. Countless battles were fought against these monsters but the three races were beaten back every time. So they were left with only one choice, to end the explorations from then on. They were to fearful of finding more creature like the hydras. After a decade or so past they formed their first joint government to cultivate lasting peace the 10 Great Families ruled over all as this joint government.” Joshua paused then turned to max. “Max can you name each family?” he asked.

“Ofcourse I can!!” he answered we great confidence and excitement. The human families were, Sancturus, Valian, Heart, and Autumn. The Florian Families were Waiz, Xilocent and Nileo and the Bellum Delos were Fang, Terran and ummm.”

The tribe of Snow.” Dante whispered to Max.

“And the Tribe Of Snow.” Max continued.

“Good job kid.” Spencer praised.

“Ok let’s continue. It wasn’t long however before conflict sparked among themselves. Members of that ten great houses began a civil for complete control over the people. These spoiled nobles waged war for a couple decades which divided the nation in two. Genesis the first government who had the support of two thirds of their nation and White Owl who had taking a third of the nation by way of trickery and persuasion. Their battles were fierce with neither side giving in, but then…” Joshua paused again, this time he just remained silent.

“Wait, what happen? You can just leave us hanging bro.” Spencer protested at Joshua’s sudden and lengthy pause in the story.

“Yeah Josh go on.” Dante said urging him to continue.”

“Well someone’s into this story now aren’t we.” Joshua said to Spencer who seemed disinterested at the beginning, but was now anxious for him to continue.

“Just keep tell the story man.”

“Ok now where was I… Oh yes. But then the appearance of the 10 individuals who should save them from the white owl. These individuals demonstrated tremendous power, each of them had the power to kill over a hundred men and together their power was awe inspiring. They descended on the battlefield like angels or demons depending on which side of their blades you were on. Fortunately, they came to aid Genesis, with the combined strength of the warriors and Genesis’s forces the managed to push back White Owl and drive them into Hydra’s Land. They had hoped that those monstrous creatures would be able to destroy their traitorous brothers, but they were wrong. Five years later the member of White Owl returned to continue their war for complete control. However, this time they returned with a new ally the Hydras. Their combined forces took Genesis by surprise and even their Ten Great Warriors Found it hard to combat them, even with their enormous power. Genesis was being pushed back on every front and countless lives were lost in those battle, mankind was even driven close to the brink of extinction. White Owl was proving to be too much for them to handle, so they ran. They got everyone, the sick and the able, old and the young, warriors and civilians, and left for the lands to the east. Their hope was to find a new home and a place grow and maybe someday retake their lost city. Now in the east lived the Dragons, they were a race of wise, covetous beings that became enraged by the sudden intrusion of Genesis in their fight for survival. They were colossal reptilian creatures with enormous wings and a great majestic presence. There were ten different types of dragons each living in a different area. Each dragon ruled over its own domain but there was some the lived in small and large communities, where the oldest wisest and powerful dragons were their leaders. These new creatures saw the people of Genesis as invaders and were quick to confront them. Some was enraged while orders sought for understanding. And they…”

“Hey boys, the schools coming into view.” Joshua’s mom alerted them to the school as it came into view cutting off the story. Max and Dante oohed, and ahhed as they saw the huge school in the distance. The school was set on the edge of a massive cliff, it was like a fortress overlooking the ocean and protecting the city below. It had eleven High towers with its one central tower being the tallest and largest. The other ten towers were all the same height and surrounded the largest central tower in an infinity symbol. Each tower had a different colour and design to represent each of the ten dragon themed houses. A floating crystal like object was above each tower giving the school magical feel. And the sides of the towers held great stain glass windows of each dragon’s picture like the Great Cathedrals to the gods. It was beautiful.  Below the school was the city of Slumbering Hollow, the world’s largest coastal city. Caves networks connected the school to the city almost like an escape route for its residents.

“That’s the school you’re going to… Lucky.” Dante said to both Joshua and Spencer.

“Don’t worry kid, you’ll be there with us in two years” Spencer said to Dante while ruffling his hair.

“He’s right, so work hard and come join us at Draco after you graduate.” Joshua said to him rest his hand on his shoulder.

“Yea.” Dante returned excited. Looking forward to when he got the chance to be at Draco with them. Both Spencer and Joshua were his idols. They were the strongest kids in their hometown and the had the best grades in school. Well Joshua did, Spencer struggle with school work but made up for it in fighting. They were also the perfect team and, everyone in their hometown started calling them the Twins of Destruction. So leaving for Draco was expected of them, but what happen while they were there shocked everyone.

When they arrived at Slumbering Hollow they all decided to take a look around. Walking through the city they noticed it how advanced it was,compare their small hometown of Historia. Historia is the history capital of the world and houses the greatest collection of books in the largest library ever seen. It was a small town outside of the city of Celestia, its population was quite small compared to Slumbering Hollow. It felt more of a village than with everyone knew one another and little shops and businesses in people’s small homes or property. Slumbering Hollow was enormous in comparison, tall buildings elegant homes and every couple of block had some kind of store for them to browse. Still walking around and taking in the site they all stopped at a couple of stores to buy a few trinkets. There were almost too many shops for them to choose from.

“Let’s go check out that weapon shop.” Spencer said pointing to a shop just up the street that he found.

“Sure, let’s go. Hey mom me and Spencer are gonna go check out that weapon store just up ahead.” Joshua said to his mother.

“Sure thing, just be back soon.” She replied. Leaving for the weapon shop they walked just a couple of blocks from where they were with Joshua’s family to the entrance of the shop. Upon entering the shop, they saw a variety of weapons all of which looked well-made and sturdy.

“Welcome to The Battle Maiden. How can I help you today?” The young shopkeeper asked as they walked in. She was captivating and was about their age. She was the daughter of the owner. Her long sunset red hair and flawless fair skin were breath taking, her eyes were a soft crystal blue like Spencers, but her voice was sweet and caring.

“We’re just looking for now.” Joshua said as they walked around the store and made their way to different displays. Joshua went over to where the rapiers were displayed, while Spencer went to the quarterstaffs and nunchucks display. They spent about fifteen minutes in the store browsing and testing different weapons for a good fit. It was wasn’t by chance Spencer picked a weapon shop, he knew he forgot his weapons back at home. So they were looking for new weapons that had a good feel. After another five minutes some really shady characters dressed in what looked like the red dragon uniform from Draco Cradle entered the store, they all seem really pretentious and they were definitely looking for trouble.

“We’re here for those weapons we told you to prepare sweet heart.” One of them said as they stopped at the counter. They were your typical trio of hoodlums, tallest was in the middle with the others slightly shorter on both sides. The one to the left was the muscles with a well built body and a stupid look on his face. While the one on the right was the brains of the operation scany and more intelligent than the others but not buy much. The tallest on look like he was intimidating one deep voice and menacing demeanour classic hoodlum trio. Spencer overhearing them picked up an ash-wood staff nunchakus combined weapon and walked to meet them at the counter. Grabbing one of the ice like rapiers as he saw Spencer move into what looked like a potential fight. Joshua slowly began to walk towards the door avoiding as much attention as possible.

“I would like to buy this please.” Spencer said walking passed the three hoodlums and up to the young lady at the counter.

“Hey! Don’t you see us talking here buddy?” the taller one snapped at spencer.

“Huh? Oh sorry i didn’t know trash spoke to people.” Spencer remarked.

“WHAT!!!” he snorted at him as the store clerk giggled at Spencer’s comment. “You want some of me kid!?” He snarled, challenging Spencer.

“Sorry, but it’s the janitor’s job to deal with trash, not mine.” Spencer remarked again.

“Please, don’t rile them up anymore you’ll only get hurt.” The shopkeeper said trying to keep Spencer out of harm’s way.

“Yeah listen to girly here, before you get hurt kid.” The same guy said pushing Spencer with his hand. Taking a slight step back Spencer only smiled and said.

“Gosh!, now I’m gonna smell like trash.” Spencer said pretending to brush something off his hoodie were he was touched.

“THAT’S IT!” he snapped unsheathing his long sword erupting it with fire as he swung at Spencer. Stepping back Spencer raised his staff barely managing to block the attack. Next the other two did the unsheathed their weapons, Mr. Muscles had a large war hammer while Brainy had a staff. They all attacked Spencer simultaneously trying to gain the upper hand. With a smile Spencer effortlessly disarm them, handling the stores ash wood staff with ease. Then with a quick flurry of staff jabs and kicks he pushed them back. He then sent them flying to the door one by one with impressive heavy attacks.

“Now where’s a trash bin?” Spencer asked himself aloud. At this point no one noticed that Joshua had already been standing by the exit. As each of the students flew toward him trying to regain their footing. A lightning fast barrage of thrust and slashes from Joshua caught them off guard causing them losing what little footing they had acquired. Their uniforms was shredded by him left in pieces hanging from their bodies and a few slash wounds as a memento. Stabbing his rapier into the floor of the store he froze the ground beneath them, utilizing his ice abilities. The students then slide out of the store and into the street. Still not done they stood back up, pointing their hands at the store. Within a few seconds their weapons reappeared in their hands in a burst of flames.

“We need to pay our janitors more if all trash is this hard to get rid of.” Joshua commented as they took fighting stances. They all seemed ready, yet unaware that they were on the losing end of the fight. Now taking them seriously Spencer chuckled, then ran towards the door, slamming his staff into the ground next to Joshua, winking as he passed, rolling his eyes in return Joshua only watched as he broke the layer of ice he made, then pole vaulted into closest guy’s face Mr. Muscles. Flipping backwards off of his face, Joshua then rushed passed in flash of black and white. As he fell to the ground Joshua to take this opportunity to attack. Returning to his feet they began their exchange. Spencer stood back up as he landed and was immediately attacked but the other two students. The taller one aimed high while Brainy aimed low one coming from his left and the other his right. Jumping between their weapons he easily dodged their attack, swinging his staff at the shorter one legs he knocked him flat on his back. While a sudden dash into a fly kick from Joshua toppled the taller guy. Spencer then ran over to Mr Muscles jumping over him he grabbed his shoulders with his staff in front of his neck and tossed him through the air. Still ready for more they started to stand up once again to continue the battle. “You guys just don’t give up do ya.” Spencer said as they got back to their feet, cloth tattered and beaten.

“Well… their persistent I’ll give them that, “ Joshua said and continued “but they’re not the sharpest tools in the shade.”

“What?” Spencer asked confused at his old saying.

“Nevermind.” Joshua returned. Taking their fighting stances, they got ready to put an end to this fight. Rushing forward Spencer disconnected his staff into nunchucks ready to put an end to this fight. Ready to back him up Joshua ran in behind him, just then a whistling sound, and the crackle of fire caught his attention, “HEY LOOK OUT!” hey shouted. Jumping forward he pulled Spencer back just in time to see that something sharp spun by, leaving a trail of flames in its wake. Separating them from the Draco students. “I’m guessing that would be their leaders, sigh.” Joshua thought to himself.

“Ok now… you’ve had your fun, let’s put an end to this pathetic display of brutish ignorance.” Someone said walking towards them. His hair was brown and slicked back, and his appearance resemble that of a noble. Dark suit and tie with expansive matching shoes and a well forged weapon. Reaching up he caught the spinning blade that flew by them earlier. “Now this is the saddest lack of educational application I’ve ever seen. I do hope they’re not teaching you to fight like that.” He said to them.

“Ok… he’s not their leader.” Joshua thought to himself again. “But who is he?” he continued to try and figure out if he was a friend or a foe. Looking absolutely confused the Draco students looked from one person to another trying to figure out what was just said to them. Sigh “if you had even the smallest amount of intelligence you would know that he just insulted you.” Joshua said after the comments made by the spinning blade user. Still lost they looked at Spencer who was also having a difficult time understanding them. With a roll of the eyes the spinning blade user said.

“Obviously my words are wasted on them. Now you two gentlemen common courtesy would require you to provide these infidels with a means of escape from their sflorian-imposed predicament.” Turning to the red dragon students he continued. “Run along you’re excused.” Still confused, Joshua turned to them and said.

“He’s telling you to run away and that you’re stupid.” Dumbing it down for them to understand. Enraged at the insult they rushed him trying to prove themselves. Sheathing the rapier Joshua walked back at to the shopkeeper completely ignoring them as they changed their target. “My god they’re stupid. Well not my problem anymore.” He thought to himself. As he walked off he heard the spinning blade wielder say.

“Oh yes because fighting worked so well for you beforehand.” Then the sound of their blades clashing. Making it to the shop keeper he extended the blade then said.

“Thank you for the loaner but I’ll return this to you now.”

“No no no it’s yours, think of it as a thank you for your help. Now the police can have them detained and the school will discipline them properly. Oh and tell your friend to keep the staff to I hope it helps with your entry exam for Draco Cradle.”

“Wait we never told you we were going to be students here.” Joshua stated.

“No, but I can tell by the way you fight and by the fact that the new arrivals are displayed in the town square. The entrance exam is a big deal here everyone watches it and now I can say my weapons will be in it so make sure you both do your best. Also do come back anytime for improvements or repairs.” She replied smiling as the police came to take the red dragon students away.

“Ok we will. And by the way my name is Joshua Santus, may I ask yours?” Joshua asked as they stood and the shop entrance.

“Yes you may, it’s Natalia, Natalia Rosemary.” She answered with a giggle.

“I am glad to have been of service Natalia, I’ll see you later, and have a nice day.” He said walking back to where Spencer was. As he stepped next to Spencer he felt him jab him in his side. Turing he saw Spencer wink and smile at him then said.

“I know what you did over there… Casanova.” Rolling his eyes Joshua returned with.

“You’re an idiot you know that. Oh and we can keep the weapons.”

“Well now that those rapscallions have been dealt with, I would like to introduce mysflorian. I am Nathan Tonare, it is a pleasure to make you acquaintance.” Nathan said as he walked over and stood in front of both Joshua and Spencer, extending his hand for a handshake. Reaching out Joshua grabbed his hand and returned the gesture saying.

“Well I’m Joshua Santus and this is my best friend Spencer Kairos. So tell us, what brings you to Slumber Hollow?” Joshua asked.

“I’m here because I’m entering Dragon’s Cradle this year.” Nathan answered.

“Same here, sweet. I didn’t think we’d meet another new student today. Hey let exchange student numbers and meet up again after the exam!” Spencer said excited.

“Sure it’s always a good idea to have multiple friends when you start a new school.” Nathan returned. After exchanging numbers on a piece of paper they began to walk towards the town squares.

“Hmmm I feel like I’m forgetting something.” Joshua thought to himself but he quickly pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

“Hey mom where’s Joshua and Spencer?” Max asked as Joshua’s family continued to browse around the city.

“Not sure but they’ll be back soon.” She reassured him.

Spencer, Nathan and Joshua continued to walk together for about twenty minutes, chatting and exchanging info on different aspects of the city. As they approached the town square Nathan notice someone walking along the crowd “Joshua, Joshua,” he called out with Joshua next to him staring confused

Just great we pick up a crazy person” Joshua Taught to himself, but with his next call

“Joshua Barhaine you hobgoblin.” Instantly the person he was calling turned looking in all directions. He was a normal looking guy brown eyes, dirty blonde hair with a fair skin tone. He reassembles the locals with plain t-shirt, blue jeans and Light jacket with a build similar to Spencer. He also had some impressive blades strapped to his sides. Him and nathan looked like polar opposites but he recognized his voice and asked.

“Nathan?” Still staring he saw us and then walked over and to Nathan bumping fists and said. “Yo what’s up man? You made it.”

“Of course I did. What did you think I wouldn’t have arrived precisely on time to the opening ceremony is that what you’re insinuating?” Nathan said.

“Whoa whoa there, cool it with the big words, calm down man. and the ceremony is tomorrow; besides you’ve never being good with any of that stuff.” Joshua replied to Nathan.

“What when have I?” Nathan asked but was interrupted by Joshua.

“Well there’s the time you forgot your train pass at home when we went on that one trip. Then there were those times when you always forgot your bus pass, and…”

“Ok ok you’ve quite accurately made your point.” Nathan said. Then turning to Joshua and Spencer he’s introduced them to his long-time friend. “Allow me to introduce Joshua Barhaine we’ve been friends for a long time.”

“Hi” Joshua said.

“Hey” Spencer and Joshua returned.

“Also these fine gentlemen are Joshua Santus and this is Spencer Kairos.” Nathan said pointing to both of them.

“Ok there are too many Joshua’s around here now, and It’s going get confusing quick. So lets call you Barhaine and then him Santus any objections?” Spencer asked the two of them.

“Nope none from me.” Santus replied.”

“Sure dude.” Barhaine also returned.

“Ok problem one solved, that was getting old fast.” Spencer said as an announcement was played on an intercom.

“ATTENTION! Everyone this year’s opening ceremony is about to begin.”

“Huh, isn’t it tomorrow?” Spencer asked the other as the announcement was made.

“To start we would like to ask all first time students to assemble in the centre of this building.” He said referring to the building across from the huge water fountain behind them. Turing they noticed quite a few people had already began entering the building. Walking up to it Santus noticed someone he knew in the corner of his eye turning to try to figure out who it was. He recognised that it was his old friend Cody. They were both neighbours in Fallen Leaves, before he moved to Historia due a sequence of strange events in his life, and lost contact with him. Cody’s build put both Spencer’s and Santus to shame he was huge, and at 5 feet 11 inches you could tell he trained hard. His skin was the same rusty sand colour as Santus and his hair was dark brown. His eyes were amber with subtle hints of red and gold, it’s almost as if autumn was capture in his eyes. He couldn’t tell what he was wearing but Sanus assumed it was his usual revealing attire.

“I wonder what house he’s aiming for; it’s been awhile since I’ve last seen him. Wow he jacked! gosh, a freaking monster is what he is now!” He thought to himself, when they finally made it inside they began to be forced deeper into the building being pushed by the number of people and began to be separated. When all the students had made it inside the building the door slammed shut locking them inside. Panic spread throughout the building “Gee, great that’s just what we needed panic,” he thought. then the lights went out and a huge glyph combined with an equally as big circuit on the floor illuminated the room. “Ok now this, this is bad. we need to leave now!” Santus thought to himself. But before he could warn anyone a loud humming sound and intense light illuminated the room that got brighter and louder every second.

Opening Ceremony

Part I Forest Maze

Looking over to Santus, Spencer noticed that his left eye had turned turquoise from its normal golden colour then a strange mark appeared within it. Then Santus stared directly at him, his turquoise eye then began emitting blue flames, confused he saw him pointed to his hand gesturing for him to look at his. Following his instruction, he saw the same mark that was in Santus’ eye had appeared on the back of his hand. Feeling a gentle gust of wind caress his face Spencer looked up to see that he was alone in a forest of trees and the only thing he recognised was the towers from Dragon Cradle off in the distance ahead of him though the canopy. “What the heck. Where am I, I was in the town hall one second, with the door shut and us trapped inside, and now I’m in freaking a forest.” He thought to himself. “What the ever living hell is going on here.”

“Wait is that spencer.” A voice echo through his head.

“Who’s there?” Spencer called out turning to find the source of the voice but no-one answered.

“Hey Spencer you there.” He recognise Santus’ voice coming from inside his head.

“Wait are you speaking inside my head.” Spencer thought back trying to figure out how to communicated.

“Yep that’s right.” Santus voice echoed again in his head. “Ok so now, let’s take roll, Spencer…” Santus’ voice came again waiting for him to respond.

“Here” he answered reluctantly.

“Nathan” Santus called for him to answer.

“Present” Nathan responded.

“Barhine” Santus called out again.

“Yep” Barhine answered.

“Cody…, present” other voice came randomly.

“Cody? How did you get in here?” Santus asked.

“What no hi, no hello gezz stingy” Cody returned,

“Says you, well I can’t take you out without cancelling the whole channel so. Everyone this is Cody Dangier.” Santus said introducing him.

“Ok but what going on here.” Barhine asked.

“Well this is how they are making us select our houses this year apparently. Even if it’s a whole day early.

“Ok so What do we have to do?” Spencer asked.

“We will have to make it to a house tower from here through the forest maze killing any monster that we come across.” Nathan Answered.

“Just be careful, students have died in this forest before. Use this to communicate ok let’s not die please…” Santus added.

“Also before I forget there is a prize for the first students to make it to each of the towers.” Nathan finished.

“Ok now let’s do this.” Santus sounded for a cheer.

“Yeah!” They all cheer in their minds as they made their way to the towers.

Spencer walked with his eyes set on either the blue or black dragon houses aiming for first place. Everything was too easy as he walked through the forest. The forest was thick, the trees seem to stretch into the heavens, and thick vines hung from most trees and their roots all intertwined as they grew. The forest were also teeming with life, small birds could be heard chirping, squirrels could be seen foraging for nuts, and other small and large animals became evident as he walked through the forest. Every once in awhile he would lose sight of the towers in the canopy but he continued, knowing he was going the right track. After walking with no surprises he made his way through a thick overgrowth of scrubs where he heard a loud scream. Rushing to the sound he saw some other students were running from a pack of bellum deos. They were armoured and armed with nice weapons, there was about 20 of them chasing those students. “Well it’s where I’m heading, so why not, I’m bored” he thought to himself. Running down to meet the students he pulled out his new staff and pole vaulted into the middle of them. Landing between the students and the bellum deos, as he landed the bellum deos attacked him trying to gain the upper hand via a surprise attack. “What’s with everyone and surprise attacks today?” He thought to himself, as he repelled their attack. He kept his staff straight up then spun around it, using his feet to disarm any who came close. Landing to this feet he help his staff still straight up with a satisfied grin. The knolls quickly found themselves outmatched, as Spencer spun his staff around him in complicated movements. as they approached him each were knocked away with ease. Spencer kept the bellum deos at a safe distance the entire time. Next they all rashed him but after a few seconds of dodging he managed to disarm them and left a couple of bruises for fun. The other students stood in awe as he was single handedly fending off a pack of twenty bellum deos fighters. It wasn’t long after however that they started to get use to his staff and began to get in closer to him. “Ohhh a challenge.” Spencer thought as he broke his staff into two nunchaku right as a bellum deos thought it had him cornered. He unleashing a barrage of air bullets with every swing of his weapon, jumping, flipping, and even letting out a few kick. Taking the upper hand in the fight, it took him then about 5 minutes to beat the entire pack of bellum deos. Right as he took a triumphant pose the last of the bellum deos let out an ear splitting howl. Covering his ear from the sound he heard another set of howls erupting from every direction. “This is bad! This is so bad!” He thought to himself, “ok what now I don’t know anything about bellum deos shit, wait I know, Santus knows about them.” He thought again “SANTUS! SANTUS!” He thought as hard as he could, trying to get his attention.

“What! what! it’s like your seaming in your head, stop it! That hurts! and how are  you only speaking to me anyways, I thought only I could do that.” Santus responded.

“Look there’s no time, I need to know how big are bellum deo packs.” Spencer urged.

“Why the only bellum deo pack around here is…. Noo, you didn’t.” Santus responded.

“What, what is it?” Spencer responded panicked.

“The only bellum deos pack in this forest are White’s bellum deos, but they…” The sound of more howling caused Spencer to lose focus cutting Santus off mid-sentence. Looking around he saw a whole army of humanoid shaped creatures moving around the forest. Calling the other students to him he waited for the pack leader to show himself. Hoping if he could take him out I could buy them some time. Then one of the students panicked and began running in the direction of the towers while screaming for help.

“Shoot!” Spencer exclaimed. “Everyone run for the towers!” He shouted leading the group of kids through the forest until they came to an open plain. Spencer could tell that the bellum deos had already surrounded them it was just a matter of how many he had to deal with. Still on-course for the towers they ran to the centre of the plain but stopped when they noticed they were visibly surrounded by bellum deos. The kid who first started running was now just a few feet in front of them.

“Awooooooo” the sound of more howling came from the forest. Still huddled together they saw a huge pure white wolf emerge from beyond the trees between them and the towers.

“This must be that White person Santus was trying to tell me about.” Spencer thought as he walked closer. It stood taller than Spencer, had a muscular body covered in scars  and stood and stared at them intensely. Then the bellum deos Spencer had fought just prior walked out from the trees behind them. White then walked toward them, his head held high and commanding. It was as long as a four door car from nose to tail and was standing four feet in front of them. It started speaking with the bellum deos in a sequence of growls and barks. The conversation escalated till the wolf got angry and was barking loudly at those bellum deos from what they could tell. The bellum deos tails fell between their legs and their heads dropped and seemed really embarrassed, but Spencer took this time as an opportunity to take out the leader while he was distracted. Rushing the White with his staff he let out a flurry of jab and air shots, trying to take White by surprise. His plan failed however, White’s instincts allowed him to evade Spencer’s surprised attack. Taking a step back the wolf made Spencer’s first attack void. It then it turned and grabbed his staff, lifting him into the air then slamming him into the ground,  the impact left knocked the wind out of Spencer, then White placed his huge paw on his chest. Its paw extended from his chest to his abdomen pining Spencer in place. The other student began to tremble as they saw Spencer be taking down so effortlessly. Bending his head White looked Spencer in the eye and said to him.

“Listen kid you’ve got guts, and I like that, but you need know which battles you can win, and which battles you can’t.” He said with his teeth bared in what looked like grin. “But I am Looking forward to seeing you in White’s class.” He said lifting his paw and then wavering his tail signalling for the bellum deos to follow him. Looking back, he then points in a random direction with his tail and vanished into the trees.

“Ok then who the hell is White… who the hell was that so many questions?” Spencer thought as he pulled himself together. “Well… I guess I’m heading this way.” Spencer said getting off the ground, and walking in the direction the wolf pointed to.

Walking through the forest Santus notices a few shadows moving around the trees, readying his rapier, he waited for their first attack. After a few seconds a large shadow attacked from the heavy undergrowth, but in one fluid motion Santus managed to dodged its attack and with a spin he countered  with his rapier leaving an icy trial along a cut done the side of iits neck. “It’s tougher than I thought.” He thought to himself. Turning to face it he realised that it was a wortling, as the sun struck it body through the canopy it’s large somewhat humanoid wrinkled purple body became visible.  Its bodies was portly, and its arms and legs were lumpy, having much thicker forearms, calves, ankles and feet then normal humanoids, it face was simply smooth layer of skin with groves where eyes might have been and small slits across where a mouth might be. “Wait these thing hunt in packs!” He thought again. Being more alert he noticed four more shadows jump at him with a similar move as before, evading their attacks he left them with two icy trail along the arms. Ready for any more surprise attack Santus got into a fighting pose and readied himself to attack. As they all stood up and began to charge him, he then dashed towards them in a blur and black, white, snow and ice, and a flurry of slashes, and trusts. His fast movement killed them before finished they charge, dropping to the floor dead. Sheathing his rapier, he began to walk toward the towers again, “there’s gonna be more that will attack me.” He thought to himself trying to remain alert. Than two feet later a horde of ten wortlings all jumped out at him from the brush. Their movements were much faster than the last group and more synchronized. “Crap they’re faster than the last set!” He said aloud. Realising he didn’t have time to react properly, he tried to create a glyph shield whatever time he had. Using his mana to create his shield mark he tried to get it in before he took too many hits. Then a without warning barrage of arrows ave the day as they pierced each one of the wortling in their heads exploding on impact.

“You should be more careful when fighting my friend.” A strange voice came from behind him turning Santus saw another student stand in the clearing. He had long black hair and was well dressed, his body was of a similar build to Santus just a bit much muscular. His shin was fair and he eyes blue. He florion crown was white with deep green leaves which branched  like a present moon around this the left side of his head. He was holding his bow and had two knives on his side as well as a broadsword, all expertly crafted. His skin was fair and he seem to be of Florian royalty.

“Well we all have days when we miscalculate don’t we. But thanks for the help.” Santus replied letting his mana free from making the shield, and walking towards him. As he reached within arm lengths he extended his hand. Taking the gesture, they shook hands, “My name is Joshua Santus but my friends have started to call me Santus.” He said introducing himself.

“Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Zac Waiz.” He returned,

“Huh it not often you get to meet royalty.” Santus remarked while bowing.

“Yeah, and  not related royalty, but what do you think those things are anyways? I’ve also come across a couple of them as well.”

“Those, those are wortlings they are made from a carnivorous tree called a Orcwort and there’s sure to be more around here but that’s only if I’m right.” Santus answered, “but if we get the towers we don’t really have to worry about them too much but.”

“What about the other students?” Zac asked.

“Yes that is exactly what I’m worried about, too. But I could always be wrong about them.” Santus replied. “Still I’m going to see if I can find the parent tree you can come along if you want to? It will be a lot easier if you do.”

“Sure, let’s go.” Zac replied. Leave their journey to the towers behind, they both rushed through the forest to try and find the Orcwort. Running through the trees and wading through shrubs Santus head exploded with Spencer’s yelling.


“What! what! it’s like your seaming in your head! stop it! That hurts! and how did you get it to only send to me I thought only I could do allow that.” Santus responded.

“Look there’s no time I need to know how big are bellum deo packs.” Spencer urged.

“Why the only bellum deos pack around here is…. No, you didn’t.” Santus responded.

“What, what is it!?” Spencer responded panicked.

“The only bellum deos pack in this forest is Whites bellum deos, but they only attack when there are provoked. Did you do something?” Santus asked but with no answer. “Spencer! Spencer!”

“Dang it!” Santus exclaimed out loud.

“What’s the matter?” Zac asked as they ran through the forest.

“Someone on my telepathic line is in trouble.” Santus responded.

“Do you think it’s more wortlings?” He asked.

“No, he said something about bellum deos but he’ll be fine, he can handle himself in a fight. Let’s just focus on this for now. We need to find another wortling so I can find the Orcwort if there is one.”

“Ok, let’s get it done.” Zac responded. Just then they came across about five other students fighting about thirty wortling as the busted through the tree line into a clearing. Looking closer Santus noticed Cody was with them. He was with a tall minotaur, about 6’7” and heavily muscular, his fur was bright, red, orange and gold like a blazing flame as it was brushed in the wind, clothed in a loincloth and armed with three axes one large battle axe in his left and two smaller hand axes one on his side and the other in his right hand. The other there were humanoids and one was wearing a mask. Using his telepathic link, he called out to Cody just above them on a hill.

“Cody it’s Santus.” Santus said on the link.

“Yeah I can’t really talk right now, my hands are full at the moment.” Cody sent back as he repelled two wortlings.

“Yeas, I can see that, but just so you know I have a friend here that’s about to rain arrows on top of their heads so just keep watch and don’t move.” As he said that Zac pulled back his arrow ready to fire, as he did Santus used his mana to create a glyph in front of his arrow as he shot through the glyph it changed into a hailstorm of arrows that rained down on the heads of the Worthing killing almost all them.

“Whoa what was that?” Zac said confused as he stared at his bow.

“That was a glyph, with my symbol for multiplication.”

“Ok but how did you do that?” He asked again.

“It magic, namly glyph magic, it’s one of the five types of magic. It’s made by writing symbols or words with either something physical or with one’s mana. Each symbol or word creates a different effect. Using your mana you simply power the marking to activate it. So basically, I made a multiplying glyph to duplicate your arrow, it was duplicated it seventy times when you shot it and then ten more times when the left the glyph.” Santus said as they walked towards Cody and the others who were with him.

“Hold on, how did you learn that?” Zac asked intrigued. Still walking towards the others Santus began to answer.

“So it’s a long story but I’ll try to shorten it. So I learned how to use magic when I was about five years old and was taught by a traveling magus. He came by a few times a week for the entire Winter and Summer seasons while he was in town. From him I learned the fundamentals and then taught mysflorian the rest. So as a result I’m a glyph magus and what I did was just a simple duplication spell. But like I said before with this magic the user creates a symbol or write the word that represents something they wish to cast like for example, to cast fire the symbol would be a flame or the word fire.”

“Ok I get that, but how do you go about getting the ability to use it.” Zac asked as the drew nearer to the others.

“Everyone has the ability to do it, or rather the ability to use magic. They just need to learn how. Different people have different aptitudes for different types of magic.” Santus answered.

“What you guys talking about?” Cody asked as they approached deep in conversation.

“I would tell you but, I feel you’ll just lose interest.” Santus replied.

“Gezz stingy.” Cody returned. Turning to look at the others Santus decided to introduce Zac and himsflorian.

“Hello so I’m Joshua Santus but call me Santus and this is Zac Waiz.” He said to them then pointed at Zac.

“Hey I’m Levi Dependere and the Minotaur is Over here is Scott Blatant, the one with the mask is Alicia Awkward, then this is Chase Hilarous, and I see you already know Cody.” Levi said pointing to each one in turn. Then he walked up to Santus and shook hands.Levi was a well built brawler, he wore simple clothes and no shoes. His pants were torn at the bottom to show his bare feet and a metal gadget around the ankle, a similar one was around his wrists as well. He also wore a poncho over his bear chest and abbs. His hair was brown and messy but reached just below his shoulders.  “Also thanks for the help. I’m not sure where all of those guys came from but I appreciate the help.”

“Yeah, it’s no problem, but I think I know we’re they came from.” Santus said to them.

“Really?” Alicia asked. She was the masked fighter, she wore a long cloak and hood that hid her appearance but her voice seems very soft and gentle, but her movements were precise and deadly using a crossbow attached to left arm and a straight sword in the right.

“Yeah but I really hope I’m wrong.” Walking to one of the still living wortlings Santus made another glyph and then touched it to its head. Within seconds it let out a loud screech almost as if it was in pain, then a few minutes later a loud roar cut through the air. “Alright, I have some good new and some bad news. Which do you want to hear first?” Santus asked as he lifted his head and turned toward the others.

“Let’s hear the good news first.” Scott said in response.

“Well I now know exactly where these things came from.” Santus said as the sound of something huge seemed to be moving around in the forest at an alarmingly fast pace.

“Where did they come from?” Chase then asked. Chase was a stealthy dagger wielder. His build was slightly smaller than Santus prioritising speed and agility greatly over strength. He was dress very casually with a simple t-shirt under a plain hoodie with jeans and sneakers. His hair was short and brown while his skin was tan.

“Well… that’s the bad news, they came from that.” Santus said pointing to a colossal tree as it tore through the forest leaving toppled trees and vegetation in its wake, emerging into the clearing where they were standing. With a mouth filled with rows of shape teeth and with vines, roots leashing through the air violently and wortlings rushing from behind it, it made its grand entrance.

“WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT!!?” Chase shouted as it enters the clearing with a devastating roar leaving all of them paralysed with fear. Soon after more wortlings came running form behind it, with a swarm of vines and roots followed close behind them. Santus couldn’t think of a way out of this situation as the roots, worthing and vines got ever closer a voice shot into his head.

“You little shit, what are you waiting for, FIGHT!” The voice of someone he knew rang ever so clear in his mind but he couldn’t place the voice. Drawing his rapier, he launched forward fear gripping his every step, Cody jumped forward as well, together slashing and cutting some of the roots and vines, as well as the first wave of wortlings they managed to save everyone from its first attack

“Ahhhhhhh!! Hey wake up! We can’t just sit back here and die! Let’s move!” Cody shouted as they stood on the chopped roots staring back at the army of wortlings that had now start to gather to protect the Orcwort. Drawing their weapons, the rest of them all got ready for the fight of their lives, launching their combined attack against the Orcwort second wave of vines, roots and wortlings.