Nova Terra

Journey into The World

The story of the Pound takes place in Nova Terra. Nova Terra is a highly volatile society that values complacency above all else. Change is always monitored and controlled by the government. So when the appearance of a ring of flames stretched across the sky, and a new from of life began sprouting up, in the Chimeras. the government quickly began measures to guarantee the disease, plaguing their way of life.

The Pound refers to the large newly discovered island, which was used to house the many chimera the began appearing all over the world. Individuals and animals fused with different DNA left to fend for them selves as the come to terms with their new life.

These Chapters follow X, Roger, Yukki and Leonardo as they find their place in their new home. Pets forced to leave the owners for one reason or another most survive the harsh struggle for dominance against some of the world best and worst predictors and whatever they might be hiding under their skins.

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